“She is so perfect and am not”.

“This building is perfect.'”

“Oh my gosh, the gentleman has the perfect woman.”

This and so many other things are what we hear everyday in the context of perfection. My question to you is , does something really turn out to be perfect, or is it just a word kept there to act as a vision to guide us towards the attainment of our goals.

I took a media class this semester as an exchange student at the University of Guelph. My first day of class will forever be memorable to me . I actually cried . Everything was so so overwhelming. Coming from an African country where little technology was required to a country where technology was everything was too much to take in. I planned there and then to drop the course.  I went to talk to the Professor after class hoping he would bare with me. And that was my first step to adding value to myself. He said to me and I quote: “Take this class as a challenge, You are only limited by the limit of your imagination”. “You should not be looking at grades but, how best you are able to become a better person than you were before”.  I am so glad for taking up this challenge .  I did risk it . It taught me so much about life. Trust me when I say this: Its okay to not know everything and to face challenges. This was a class where people became themselves. There was nothing like “I am right” or “She is wrong”.. This was a class handled by a great Professor I must say. Mark Lipton is his name. And I call his class “A CLASS OF IMPERFECTION”. Join me as I share experiences from the Class of Imperfection with you!!!!!

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